Author: Ethan More

Why You Should Take Notes

Your teachers share a lot of information with you in a day. Remembering and recalling everything that is being taught is impossible. This is when notes come in handy.   Making notes may appear tedious to some, but it is highly beneficial, particularly during exams. You gain a greater understanding of topics when you write them down in your own words.  If you learn using an online teaching app, taking notes becomes a ...

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How to become an effective online course teacher: tips to follow 

With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and other advantages offered, today educators and learners are moving towards online education. Students opt for online courses for their academics. In the growing competition, there are many online course options available for students.  To make students go for your online course only, effective teaching is very important. To ensure students' success and growth in your profession, educators need to possess and practice the ...

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