Benefits of Digital Locks Over Traditional Locks

Nowadays, insecurity is a major problem all over the world. Whether you’ve seen it firsthand or not, you know it’s a problem. This is due to the fact that the world is becoming more uncertain. With increasing unemployment rates and government debts, this problem will only worsen in the coming years. But with Schlage digital lock in Singapore, there’s some hope. Digital locks have been in use for a long time, but this type of lock is more secure than traditional ones. They are also convenient to use when compared to traditional locks and they offer more benefits than traditional locks, which include.

Much easier to install and remove

Digital locks are much easier to install than traditional locks. This is because they have wires and batteries, which makes them practical. Traditional locks are made of several different components such as the deadbolt, cylinder, and latch. On the other hand, digital locks have only one component which is the electronic lock. The lock itself is installed on the door like a deadbolt would be and that’s it. The other parts are basically just mounted.

Easy to operate and use

Digital locks are much easier to operate than traditional locks. This is because they have the same functions that traditional locks do like locking and opening doors, but they have tiny buttons on them instead of a keyhole or a knob. They also have numbers or a numeric keypad for entering sequences or codes. Unfortunately, traditional locks have neither of these. This makes them harder to operate especially for those who have problems seeing or feeling the knob or keyhole.

Electric fire protection

Traditional locks are not designed to resist fire and thus, they are not good at preventing damage from fires. On the other hand, digital locks are specially designed to prevent damage from fires and can even offer some electric fire protection if they are connected to an emergency contact panel.

Superior security

Digital locks are much more secure than traditional locks. This is because their keys are designed to be very difficult to copy or steal. They also have a biometric locking system that uses fingerprints as identification systems. With many different electronic components, they also offer protection against outside attacks and even hacking. On top of this, they are also more resistant to physical damage which means that you can use them without worrying about being robbed if you have them installed in your house.

Controlled access

Digital locks offer access to only one person at a time. This is unlike traditional locks which can multiple people at the same time. Digital locks also give you control over who gets access and how much access they get. For example, you can tell it not to allow access to certain people or some people after a certain time.

Traditional locks have been around for a while now, they’re not going to disappear any time soon. But digital locks are gaining popularity because they offer greater benefits when compared to traditional locks. They are also more secure and convenient to use. This can be seen by the fact that people are willing to spend more on digital locks than on traditional ones. With so much convenience, it’s no wonder why this lock is replacing traditional ones slowly but surely.

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