Blockchain Backlink Expert Interview

Nowadays, people are more interested in the blockchain and crypto promotion than ever before. It has become something of a phenomenon among investors, entrepreneurs, and those curious about this new technology. As such, they have been looking into different ways to make the most out of their digital assets. One possible method is getting backlinks from other sites that are linking to them.

1. What was your motivation behind creating Backlink-Master?

Backlink-Master is what we call a link building tool that allows users to create backlinks to various websites. Before this, there were other tools such as Linkbait and BuzzBundle, which aim to provide similar functions.

However, we believe that the current tools on the market are not efficient enough for more advanced users. For this reason, we created Backlink-Master to make it easier for everyone to get these backlinks as quickly and easily as possible.

2. Who are you and what is your background in cryptocurrency?

We are a team of three guys from the Netherlands, and we have been interested in cryptocurrencies for quite some time. We have been trading on several platforms for quite some time now, and our goal is to offer the best tools to help promote these coins to the world.

3. What makes Backlink-Master different from other link building tools such as Linkbait or BuzzBundle?

One of the things that make Backlink-Master unique is that it provides users with a set of tools that allow them to track where their backlinks come from, as well as how many website links they are going viral on at any given moment.

This feature is quite useful and offers more value to users because it allows them to get a quick overview of what kind of sites are linking to their content. Find our site list here.

4. What are Backlinks? Why are they important for someone who wants to be successful in the world of cryptocurrency?

Backlinks are basically links from other websites that link back to your own website. They are important because it means that other people believe in your content enough that they have decided to put a link back to you on their own site. The number of backlinks you have shows how popular your content is and therefore, can influence whether or not investors will invest in your coin.

5. Can you briefly explain the difference between organic and paid backlinks?

The organic backlink is when you link to someone else’s content in such a way that other people will see it as a natural part of your channel. We call this “organic” because the link looks like it belongs there, because it is integrated into your own site. The paid backlink is when you are advertising to other sites that they need to put a link on their site just for you in order for them to earn money.

6. Can you tell me more about how Backlink-Master works?  

Sure. Backlink-Master is designed to help people gain as many backlinks as possible, and in as many ways as possible. Users can use the tool to create backlinks from several sources including Linkbait, BuzzBundle, Article Builder, or BizSugar directory submission of seo service. All of these options are great for users who want to create backlinks the easy way.

7. Does Backlink-Master only work with companies that promote coins?

This is not true at all. There are many different companies that want to build backlinks to their sites. In fact, one of our main markets is in the business sector. This means that we have very popular products in the field of industry because it is a highly profitable market.

8. How do you rate Backlink-Master’s success so far?

We would say that Backlink-Master is doing quite well in terms of overall performance. Within 8 months, we were able to help thousands of companies create backlinks for themselves, which eventually led to a lot more traffic and thus, increased profits for those companies who used our service.

9. Do you have any tips for first and/or new users of Backlink-Master?

The best tip we can give to all our users is to remember that there are no shortcuts to success when it comes to using this tool of token marketing. You have to spend time and energy into creating quality backlinks that will get leads, traffic, and eventually conversions. It all starts with creating a solid foundation for your business through the creation of backlinks.

10. What are the main challenges that you face as an entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency space today?

One of the biggest challenges in today’s crypto world is finding out who else is doing what you’re doing, only better. It’s really hard to stand out in a field that is so small and where everyone is trying to make their mark.

11. If you were starting your ICO right now, what would you include in your whitepaper?

We would include a section on why the company has decided to launch an ICO and how they plan on using the funds they raise. We would also place emphasis on the clear advantages of the tokens they are issuing, as well as their features, benefits, and maximum returns.

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