How to become an effective online course teacher: tips to follow 

With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and other advantages offered, today educators and learners are moving towards online education. Students opt for online courses for their academics. In the growing competition, there are many online course options available for students. 

To make students go for your online course only, effective teaching is very important. To ensure students’ success and growth in your profession, educators need to possess and practice the right teaching skills. Let us discuss some tips that online educators can follow for better course selling and teaching effectively. 

Tips to become an effective online course teacher 

1. Use technology to teach 

To be an effective online course teacher, one should be technology-friendly. Today’s kids are highly attracted to technology and using the same in the classroom can be very beneficial.  Listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring and less engaging for students. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Learning becomes more interesting and fun too. 

2. Interact with all students

In asynchronous learning, having one on one interactions with students is not possible. However, to make your live sessions effective, teachers must interact with all students. With active speakers, there will also be some students, who stay quiet and reserved in the classroom. They feel shy, feared, or less confident. 

In such cases, teachers should try to make all students vocal in the class. Keep asking students whether they are understanding well or not. Call out by their names and keep asking basic questions related to the topic being taught. Have general and motivational discussions too. This will make students feel valued and more involved in the classes.

3. Provide students with a proper study material

For effective teaching, providing students with proper study material is important. In every course, there are applicative and theoretical subjects. When students don’t have proper study material, they keep juggling from one reference guide to another. This makes students more confused, stressed, and stuck.  

Teachers must work to design suitable study material for students. Include good reading content for every lesson. Also, have questions for practice. You can also record your lectures, make educational videos, demonstrations, and informative Powerpoint presentations. Send this study material to all students at their respective email addresses. 

4. Give regular homework

For effective teaching and selling courses online better, this step is important for all teachers. To make students active in the classroom, making them more into self-studies is necessary. To do so, teachers must give homework to students. Whatever topic you teach in the class, give learning, writing, and revising homework to students.

 You can also give written assignments to make. But many students are reluctant to do homework. The lengthy handwritten assignments are not engaging for them. In such cases, teachers can use technology. Make online quizzes, interesting puzzles, and riddles for students. This will make students more consistent with learning. 

5. Conduct doubt sessions too 

With applicative and theoretical subjects to deal with, students face doubts and queries. To become an effective teacher, the foremost important thing is to provide students with a clear academic understanding. To do so, proper doubt resolution is important. When teachers have to rush with the syllabus or face time constraints, answering doubts in every class becomes difficult. 

In such cases, teachers should plan to conduct separate doubt classes for students. In these classes, allow students to ask their doubts one by one. Using the rand raise option of the app, answer the doubts of students one by one. You can give them written solutions and answers via the chat box facility. This way students will get a clear and in-depth understanding of the academic course subjects. 


For the academic growth and development of students and to grow in your profession, teachers need to teach effectively and efficiently. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can make their online course classes more understandable and a meaningful learning experience for students. This will ensure students’ and teachers’ success both. 

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