How to protect your apps from reverse engineering?

The Internet plays a very important role in her life today. Almost everything is available on the Internet these days and people spend most of their time surfing on this platform. The Internet is providing many services to a person today and this thing has is possible because of the existence of mobile phones. In the earlier days, the Internet was not that big of a platform because it was only available on computer setups. This thing has changed now. Mobile phones offer the same services which a computer setup did on the Internet. This is the reason why the Internet has become so important in our lives today. There are some things which person should take care about in their mobile phone. A person should know how to protect an app from reverse engineering because this thing can create some problems for a person.

What is reverse engineering?

From the word reverse engineering a person can understand that it is a process in which a working thing or a machine is dismantled. In the case of mobile phones, the meaning remains the same but this reverse engineering is now done on a mobile application. An Android application can go through this process if the compilation of code is not protected well by the developer of an application. This thing can risk this security of an app used by a person. Cybercriminal activities are increasing day by day in the today’s world and people should know that cyber privacy and security is very important these days. Without this, a person can lose a lot of information and private data which can be used in multiple illegal ways. Therefore, if an application is going through the process of reverse engineering, then the chances of getting affected by an unknown user can be increased and a person can lose a lot of data which was stored in that application. This thing is necessary because nowadays there are some applications which are holding our financial data and banking information in it. This is the reason why many people try to use different types of antivirus software that ensures the protection of the data stored in an application. This thing is necessary these days because the worst part about cybercriminal activity is that no evidence or marks are left behind a person is attacked buy a criminal. Therefore, a person can lose his data forever if he or she is attacked by a cybercriminal.

How to prevent an application from reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering can affect or harm a person in many different ways. This is the reason why everyone should take it seriously and should try to prevent this type of process happening in their mobile application. There are some things which a person can do in order to prevent the reverse engineering occurring in their mobile phone applications. Some of these things are given in the following points

  • A person should always rely on a well-protected server in order to prevent any kind of the compilation of coding in an application. By doing this thing a person can reduce the chances of getting a code being stolen as on a well-protected server, a code will always remain safe and a person can complete his task peacefully. Sometimes a person who creates an application for the users gets a lot of attraction from the people, therefore a person has to create a huge server for the larger audience using that application. In this case a huge server can create some problems for the applications and for its users. Therefore, to add more security, a person can try to add double obfuscation in their server as this can protect the server by acting as a middle man.
  • If a person wants to prevent the process of reverse engineering, then that person should know that in order to do so the most important thing to prevent this problem is to protect the code of an application from decompiling. There are some ways in which a person can prevent is that her applications code from decompiling. Running a debugging detection in an application is one of the techniques which can help a person in preventing any kind of decompiling of codes in an application. This acts as a real time analysis of an application so that it can see that every code is processing well and there is no bug in an application which can create problem for the users.
  • As discussed earlier, Cybercriminal activities are increasing day by day and these attackers are always looking for a chance in order to trespass into the privacy of a person. Therefore, a person should try to apply some security measures in their mobile phones so that the data which is stored in a mobile phone especially in an application can be protected from these attackers. A person should also try to prevent any kind of spam mails which an anti-virus software is trying to avoid because these spams might contain some malware in it which can affect your system.
  • A person should also try to avoid any kinds of pop ups which occur on a website as these might also contain some malware I it which can attack your system once opened by the user. This thing can even avoid the access to your own data which can create a lot of problem for a person. These pop us are also considered as a technique of attacking a user on the internet.

So it can be concluded that nowadays if a person wants to protect his or her data, then a good security measure is really important because digital data nowadays is getting much important for a person and if a person loses this data, then he or she might get into a big problem because this data can be used in multiple illegal ways. The coding of an app should be protected and should be bugs free so that user can trust it with his or her personal data. 

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