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john studzinski’s “jetsons” site is the ultimate resource for all things jet, and this is the best place to find his latest, greatest jetsons news.

John studzinski can be found at, where he gives an update on new jetsons gear for the upcoming Blackhawk movie. Also, check out the jetsons blog, where he gives updates on all things jet, from movies to gadgets to music.

He is also the owner of the jon studzinskis jetson clothing line, and is also a frequent contributor to

He’s also a frequent contributor to

John studzinski is a well-known jetsons contributor, and has been for quite some time. Not to mention he’s also a frequent contributor to

Now that we know that Deathloop is a time-looping stealth space invader, we can see just how much Jet’s new gear has evolved. We have seen from leaked photos that the jetpacks and jetpacks have come a long way since their debut in the 2004 original Blackhawk, and they sure have come a long way since that. And now with the jetpacks’ increased size and power, we can see how much this jet-laden space invader has grown.

The reason I’ve been having a much more active jetpack is because I’m more apt to take chances. The more I take chances, the more likely I am to have a chance to get in on a good time. But again, there is nothing that can stop me from taking chances and I haven’t done that.

In the video for their second single “Take My Hand, John”, the band took a very different approach with “Take My Hand” that I find more reminiscent of the “In the Air Tonight” video than their other video for it. Instead of a one-minute clip of the band performing as a single, they chose to play the new song in five different scenes, each having a different message.

The first few scenes had a very jazzy feel to them. They ended up being one of the best versions of the song I’ve seen live, and it really highlights how much of a live show the new video video for Take My Hand was.

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