MSW Durian is Considered the Tastiest Durian Variety

The durian is called the king of fruits in Singapore and Malaysia because it has a very delicious sweet taste. However, the durian fruit has a very pungent and unpleasant smell so there are many restrictions on carrying the fruit in Singapore. People are not allowed to use public transport like buses, trains and taxis for transporting the durian. People are also not allowed to dehusk a durian and eat the flesh in public places. So those who like to eat durian but do not have a vehicle to transport the durian to their home, are interested in finding sellers who will deliver the durian to their homes. Some of the factors which should be considered while searching for durian for home delivery are discussed.


There are a large variety of durian fruits like red prawn, the black pearl, D24, and D14 which vary in their taste, sweetness, availability and texture. Mao Shan Wang (Cat Mountain King in Chinese) abbreviated as MSW is the most popular variety of durian because of its excellent taste. It is also called the Musang king or black gold durian. Many people prefer the MSW durian because of its sweet taste, golden yellow juicy flesh, creamy texture and small seeds. The taste of each MSW durian will differ, and the user will only find out the exact taste when the durian is cut open to extract the flesh.

Ordering options

Like the coconut and other fruits, the edible flesh of the durian is a small percentage, typically between 20-25% of the total weight of the durian. Since there are restrictions on using public transport for delivering the durian to the customer due to the pungent smell, most of the sellers will dehusk the durian to remove the flesh from the durian after the order is received. The flesh is then packed in a plastic container and delivered to the customer’s address which is provided by motorcyclists hired by the seller. The buyer should consume this durian flesh within a few days if it is not frozen

In some cases, the buyer may want the entire durian delivered to ensure that the durian flesh is not contaminated and dehusk it at home. A few sellers will supply the entire durian fruit in the quantity required. However, they are not able to guarantee the amount of edible flesh in the MSW durian, the exact quantity will vary in each fruit. Since the weight of the husk of the durian is more than 75% of the fruit weight, the cost of delivering the entire fruit will be higher, and the seller will only accept orders having a weight of 10 kg or more.


Since the MSW durian is considered the best tasting durian available, it is far more expensive compared to a similar quantity of other durians like the red prawn. Most of the sellers are supplying the MSW durian in packs containing 600 or 800 grams of flesh, which is sufficient for one or two persons. The MSW durian is also used by cooks and chefs for making desserts like cake and ice cream.

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