Sandbox: Understanding the game, which is more than just a game

Sandbox: Understanding the game, which is more than just a game

  • Sandbox, built on Ethereum’s blockchain, ensures network safety, transparency, and immutability.
  • It creates a metaverse where users can join events, play games, and form communities.

What is a Sandbox?

Sandbox is a decentralised NFT gaming platform on Ethereum’s blockchain, empowering users to create, share, and earn through their digital assets, such as NFTs. By integrating blockchain technology, the game becomes decentralised, giving users greater control.

In 2018, the creators of Sandbox envisioned an integration of User Generated Content (UGC) gaming IP with a vast network of creators. This decision aimed to grant creators true ownership of their creations in the form of NFTs and reward their participation in the blockchain ecosystem.

What is the Sandbox Metaverse?

The Sandbox Metaverse comprises three components for an immersive gaming experience and User Generated Content (UGC) production:

  • VoxEdit: Users can create 3D products, such as humans, pets, and vehicles, termed digital assets. These creations use ERC-1155 tokens, allowing for the simultaneous minting of Fungible and Non-fungible tokens.
  • Marketplace: Users can sell their voxel models created on the VoxEdit platform. Creations are first uploaded to the Interplanetary File System (IFPS) for decentralised storage. After registering on the blockchain to prove ownership, the assets can be sold in the marketplace.
  • Game Maker: This component enables users to create 3D games for free using visual scripting tools and a user-friendly interface, even without coding knowledge.

Tokenomics of Sandbox

SAND is the utility token of Sandbox, an ERC-20 token used for activities like customising avatars and playing games. Additionally, SAND can serve as a governance token if the Sandbox DAO is established, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making.

SAND tokens can also be used to purchase digital plots of land in the Sandbox metaverse, represented by ERC-721 tokens as NFTs. Each plot measures 96×96 metres and can host multiple games and assets. There are a limited number of 166,464 plots available, and users can combine two plots to form an Estate.

Furthermore, SAND tokens can be used to acquire more SAND tokens. Sandbox covers gas fees on behalf of its users, ensuring a smoother user experience.


Sandbox’s integration of blockchain technology and NFTs empowers users to create, own, and participate in an immersive metaverse gaming experience, while the SAND token enhances utility, governance, and land ownership within the platform.