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Aurora Blockchain: Leveraging Ethereum Contracts Via NEAR Protocol

Radhe- September 16, 2023

Aurora is a blockchain network with Ethereum’s ecosystem compatibility based on NEAR blockchain.  Its base protocol provides quick transaction finality and scalability, along with contract ... Read More

A Blockchain Ledger That Could Authenticate Cultural Artifacts

Radhe- September 7, 2023

Salsal, by employing blockchain technology, aims to authenticate cultural artifacts to prevent theft and looting. Although some territories have laws in place for protecting artifacts, ... Read More

What Is Cerel Network? Another Episode In The Blockchain Serial

Radhe- September 3, 2023

Celer is an off-chain scalability solution for public blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot.  It is built on the underlying technologies of side-chains and GSCN. ... Read More