VRChat vs. Metaverse: Which is Better for Online Gaming?

 VRChat vs. Metaverse: Which is Better for Online Gaming?

  • VRChat, in layman’s language, is a surreal virtual meeting space that lets people socialise, and attend events.
  • The metaverse is a virtual 3D environment that allows users to engage with one another using computer-generated avatars.

VRChat is a free online multiplayer gaming experience. It is accessible via Stream or if one has any virtual reality headset, specifically the HTC Vive or oculus rift. VRChat is a transformative platform that converts real-world objects into virtual worlds. Calling it just a video game would be a big understatement.

VRChat, in layman’s language, is a surreal virtual meeting space that lets people socialise, attend events, take classes, create art, play games, and explore virtual environments – all from the comfort of their homes.  

On the other hand, Metaverse is a virtual reality simulation that is used for various purposes, such as entertainment, social networking, education, and business. It’s a 3D virtual world, created and maintained by the user, and operated just like a physical world.

About VR Chat

As mentioned above, it is an online multiplayer experience that is accessible via Stream where one can create or customise an avatar, create one’s world, can watch movies, and just hang out as one would in real life.

One can create a VRChat account to use the software. One can use VRChat faster by logging in with a Stream account, but individuals need a VRChat account if they want to use their SDK to upload their content (like avatars). 

Interacting with another player

VRChat allows one player to chat with another player in the game. The microphone built into the VR headset is used to execute this function and if one uses headphones while using it, it will emit 3D sound around the individual player. 

One can broadcast one’s voice in the VR space by turning on the mic of the headset and it can be done by a quick menu. In the quick menu section, there is an option for emoticons and emojis. The Emotes section has several options, like clapping and waving, that one can perform in the virtual space, while Emoji is a collection of emojis that emanate from the avatar.  

Adding friends in VRChat

During a time in the game, one interacts with several people. So through a quick menu, one can find friends that they can add to the virtual space. Players can block friends who try to misbehave in virtual space. 


Metaverse is a virtual space where one can communicate with friends and other random players available at that particular time. It is a virtual world that uses the internet as the underlying network. It is used for various purposes such as education, social networking, online gaming, and training.  

There are various ways to access virtual space, many websites in the area offering this service online. Multiple tech companies offer virtual reality in different ways, decentral, Roblox, Fortnite, and Sandbox are a few examples of metaverse platforms.

The metaverse is often described as an enhanced and exaggerated version of virtual reality, and elements of it have already been embraced by the gaming industry. Games like Fortnite serve as a rudimentary form of the metaverse, offering players the ability to customise their avatars, interact with others, earn in-game currency, and access various virtual items and features.


VRChat and the metaverse offer distinct experiences for online gaming. VRChat provides a surreal virtual meeting space for socialising, events, and creative activities, while the metaverse represents a broader concept of a virtual 3D environment with multiple applications beyond gaming. Both have their unique advantages, and the choice depends on the preferences and interests of the users.