What Is The Similarity In RBI Grade B And RBI Assistant Exam?

The pinnacle of the Indian banks is also known as the Bankers of banks and is famously known as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The exams such as RBI Grade B and RBI Assistant are conducted for employing people across India to work as RBI Grade B officers or as RBI assistants. The examination has three diversified papers: Paper I, English, Paper II, Economics and Social Issues, and Paper III, Finance and Management. The eligible students who are selected are then allowed to work for the bank.

RBI Grade B And RBI Assistant Exam: Similar or Different

While the two exams are both to work in the bank, both positions have a level of similarity and differences. The two positions have differences regarding age limits, qualifications, and perks.

  • The age limit for Assistant managers is 20 to 28 years, while for Grade B managers is 21 to 30 years.
  • The difference between the two would include that the assistant manager is one of the lowest positions that the RBI conducts and the exam for the Grade B manager is one of the highest positions employed through external examination.
  • The minimum qualification required for an RBI assistant is a bachelor’s Degree in any subject with a pass percentage. In comparison, Grade B managers must have 60% marks in 12 and 10th standards and a diploma degree with the same rate.
  • The responsibility undertaken by both positions holds utmost value.

Responsibilities of RBI Assistant Managers and Grade B officers

RBI Assistant Manager’s Responsibilities 

The assistant is responsible when the country is going through demonetization, or a new currency is being released. Some of the duties include:

  • Ensuring financial stability
  • Maintenance of files, including receipt collection, managing the ledger, and balance tally.
  • Replying to emails as RBI receives a lot of emails daily.
  • With digitalization, the assistants must enter the currency issue and circulation transaction.

RBI Grade B officer’s Responsibilities 

The RBI Grade B officer includes a job that entails them being in the office as a 9 to 5 job. The managers cannot make the decisions alone; they must follow a set of guidelines and consult the higher authority before making a decision. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • They work towards keeping the nation’s inflation in check and ensuring that the productive sector has access to sufficient cash.
  • The officers have the right to increase public confidence in the nation’s financial system and force people to utilize the innovative and cost-effective services offered by the bank to its clients.
  • Coins and currencies that RBI issues are kept in check by the Grade B officers. They are responsible for distributing it to different nationalized banks under the purview of RBI.
  • Grade B officers are also accountable for managing the state and government accounts and operating several banking functions.

Salary Differences for RBI Assistants and RBI Grade B officers

RBI Assistant and RBI Grade B officers also have a difference in their Salary and the perks they receive along with it.

RBI Assistant’s Salary 

The RBI Assistant is given a salary of Rs. 32528 with a 15% allowance for House Rent. Some of the perks include:

  1. House accommodation depends on availability.
  2. They have to work five days a week
  3. They are given a book grant.
  4. They can furnish their house depending on their eligibility.
  5. There is no public dealing required.

RBI Grade B manager’s Salary 

The Salary for a Grade B manager is at Rs. 75,831 approximately. This rent also covers House Allowance, Local Allowance, and Family Allowance. Some of the perquisites that come along with the position are:

  1. They are given an interest-free festival advance
  2. They are given a leave fare concession for their spouse and themselves once every two years.
  3. They are given bank accommodation depending on their availability.
  4. Loans and advances are provided at concessional rates.

RBI external exam recruits people based on their eligibility and criteria. There is not much similarity between the two, but both designations and exams are very prestigious jobs at the apex bank of India.

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