DeeStream Sparks XLM & BNB Holders to $0.055 Presale Betting on a 100X Streaming Market Takeover

DeeStream Sparks XLM & BNB Holders to $0.055 Presale Betting on a 100X Streaming Market Takeover

The value of Stellar and Binance Coin exhibits precisely the opposite patterns during the current market disorder. Binance Coin surged above $600 and is currently experiencing a slight regression to $565. Stellar experienced some profit booking and retraced, trading at around $0.127. Amidst this, the second DeeStream presale stage will allow investors to participate in a project set for 100x growth. It is yet available at a low price of $0.055 per token.

As DeeStream advances to disrupt the streaming industry with decentralized features, the investment community seeking high profits shouldn’t overlook it. Let’s assess DeeStream’s journey and how it plans to disrupt the streaming market in the ever-expanding field of entertainment.

Stellar’s Price Dynamics Amidst Market Fluctuations

For the past few days, retracement in Stellar has been to the 100-day Exponential Moving Average. The neckline support area has been tested at around $0.1200. The coin broke and retested the $0.1600 level. It still succumbed to profit booking amid the market plunge, with a 20% regression in the last 30 trading sessions. Intraday, the Stellar coin was losing 1.95% and trading at $0.1276 in a neutral scenario over the charts. Analysts see possible volatility hitting in, suggesting it will reach $0.1500 soon. Nevertheless, with the monthly return ratio at -12.56% and a yearly return at a 20% ratio, there remains a scrubbing upon the overall performance.

Binance Coin’s Ascendance Amidst Technical Tests

After several failed attempts around the key technical tests, Binance Coin finally fired up in the price action. The token broke above the $600 level to establish a new yearly high around the $618 price level before correcting lower. Trading around $572 now, 35.4% up for the last 30 days, Binance Coin signals overbought. However, all market sentiments suggest that the rally must continue, with some possible short-term pullbacks. Experts with an eye on the cryptocurrency reckon that the Binance Coin is expected to see its prices over the weekend averaging $583, with the least pegged at $580 and a ceiling of up to $598.

DeeStream: Unleashing Potential in the Streaming Market

DeeStream’s Stage 2 presale is getting investors excited. The streaming market is expected to exceed $247 billion by 2027. If DeeStream is successful, it will challenge the status quo. Content creators and investors will get maximum advantages for their contributions. This anticipation is supported by the network’s creative idea of becoming the first global independent online streaming platform. It boasts features designed to empower content creators and users through quick deposit and withdrawal, low fees, and decentralized governance.

DeeStream is currently in the second stage of the presale with a limited supply of tokens and liquidity locked. Investors should participate in the platform’s potential for 100x growth and realize long-term gains. DeeStream is well-prepared for disruption in the content streaming business, which will benefit investors.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.