Everything to Know About Quant QNT Blockchain and its Benefits 

Everything to Know About Quant QNT Blockchain and its Benefits 

  • The Quant protocol establishes a line of communication between other decentralized blockchains.
  • The native currency QNT is used for processing payments over the Quant blockchain.

The evolution of blockchain technology might have solved several issues persisting in industries such as finance, healthcare, education, etc. It’s decentralization and distributed ledger technology have helped blockchain reach its true potential over the years. The dream of enjoying an open, dependable, and secure network with flawless attributes has not been possible yet. 

Although blockchain technology has offered features beyond previous technologies’ capabilities. Plenty of work remains to help blockchain technology achieve its long-term goal. This led to the development of Quant Network whose primary aim is to address all issues regarding Bitcoin and blockchain.

Everything to Know About Quant QNT Blockchain and its Benefits 

What is the Quant Cryptocurrency Project?

It was Gilbert Verdian who established the Quant Network in 2015. His main goal behind the creation of Quant was to provide a seamless communication line between all networks. An open-source network Quant follows a communication protocol establishing a steady communication line between businesses and developers. Moreover, the Quant protocol is the closest representation of a blockchain en route to solving interoperability issues. 

Using the Overledger DLT gateway, the interoperability between decentralized Layer-1 blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple gets settled. Moreover, the Quant network consists of a QNT token which is represented as a native cryptocurrency. 

The developers tasked with developing the Overledger platform must possess a license to prove their authenticity. This license can be purchased using a Fiat currency that can later be converted into QNT for further use. 

Everything to Know About Quant QNT Blockchain and its Benefits 

Benefits of Quant Network

Blockchain technology is known to help Quant network with plenty of issues. From offering its services as an interoperability chain and smart contracts, QNT has a lot more to offer. Here are a few of those features which QNT wants its users to benefit from over the network. 

  • Interoperability Using Overledger DLT Gateway

Being one of the first blockchain API gateways, the Overledger DLT gateway is said to hold great significance. It primarily helps streamline all transactions that are made over its network. Additionally, from a developer’s perspective, using Quant Overledger QLT gateway, one can design a smart contract based on any coding language. 

  • Deployment of mDApps

For the most part, people have been glorifying the usage and development of decentralized apps that function only over one blockchain. However, the creation of the QNT network has resulted in the formulation of multi-DLT applications which can be used over several blockchains. Thus, almost no restrictions are placed for the developer to enjoy one consensus from another. 


With the set of unique features that Quant network has over other blockchains, it automatically turns out as an immense hit. The companies facing interoperability issues while their projects remained halted caused major damage to their functionality. Nevertheless, upon the development of Quant, many of those issues are now being rectified as soon as possible.